New Lifestyles! New Adventures! A New You! Motivation Moments by Jeannin




I'm Here For You

I have always had an obsession about being the best version of myself and often wondered what would my best actually look like? Well, you can't go back - but you sure can start right now and go forward and start becoming your most incredible you!!  I am a motivated and inspiring person whose passion is about helping others find their purpose for this life and living it!!  Through my many hilarious stories - I will motivate you to want more for yourself, to realize how easy things really are and to inspire you to start taking action in what fills your heart with joy!!  I have inspired thousands and will continue to live my life so completely and fully and joyfully, that it will inspire you too!!!     ' 


RAA Power

Ra was the Egyptian God of the sun.  It was believed that he was swallowed every night by the moon God and reborn every day.  Ra's most commonly contributed power is that of life or creation, including the creation of Earth, Heaven and the Underworld.  We are our own creators.  We are responsible for the creation of our mind, body and soul.  So let's get creating!!!


Raa Power Coaching Program


Here is where we start with our breath.  We ground ourselves, connect to our bright light within, our source, and we set our sights to higher, unchartered grounds.  Make sure you Dream Big! 


Let's study all of our existing behaviours and then get them aligned with our mind, body and spirit to reach our new sight.  Let's chart your course!


We are going to hit some bumps along the way - it's all part of the journey.  Don't we all have those silly beliefs that somehow we don't deserve to be happy? Or we aren't lovable? Or we're worthless?  Yup - silly!!  We are going to learn the true meaning of FEAR, and how to use all the laws of the universe so that we are in the drivers seat of our own movie - our life journey!! We are ultimately responsible for our wonderful life - so let's live life large!! Let's have an impact!! Let's matter!! I think it was meant to be lived that way!!